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SSIS® is one of the trusted names for customised web based application development and IT solution providing company in India. The company has successfully delivered various applications and solutions under the brand name of SSIS® to innumerable industry segments.

SSIS® progresses and furnishes software solutions and services with development centre in Mumbai, India and global and national teams provide quality services globally by using Innovative Technology providing Smart Solutions® since 2002. We provide outsourcing for IT projects that includes providing highly skilled and professional manpower onsite as well as offsite for client's projects.

SSIS® caters to clients in the European, the North American, the Australian and the Asian continents. We assist various industries and have completed projects for Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Banking, Chain of Restaurants, Recruitment Companies, Jewellery Manufacturing Companies and still evolving many more.

With our extensive experience, we deliver tailor-made solutions that very user friendly, easy to implement. We provide extensive support to make the application live and working for every user who are involved in the team.

SSIS® also involved in providing BI Solutions and successfully implemented for various enterprises. As we are involved in BI Practice, we are having excellent exposure for various BI Solutions and products. We also developed BI Solution for mid-size of organizations.

S & S Infotech and Software Private Limited is India based 100% EOU software company where as S & S Infotech Services Private Limited taking care of the domestic customers. Both these companies together called SSIS® Group. We take pride in delivering our customers with the best-of the-breed solutions in IT related consultancy. We strive to be responsive to their needs and provide them with the best-in- class customer service. We'll draw upon our industry knowledge, expertise and best practices to make sure that our clients are fully leveraging our solutions.

Our Products


DMARC is nothing but Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). DMARC is an email-validation system designed to detect and prevent email spoofing. This is one of the technique..Read


It is web-based application.The main Objective of this project is to manage details of sales. It manages all the information about Meter Readings, Sales and bank deposit Cash. The purpose of this product is to build an application program...Read


    KAMANDZIIR:-(Self- Password Manage AD Report Tool) Integrate disparate Core Business Applications using Integration framework KAMANDZIIR is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management application..Read


    STARS Software is a dynamic MIS tool, a one-roof solution to bridge the gap between BI and reporting tool's requirements of the clients. This solution provides customers with the best application ..Read


    ITCOMS is a comprehensive web based Ultra configurable work flow engine that can be used to track the progress of any kind of task including Issue Resolution, Requirement Gathering, Desktop Support handling...Read


    TPMAS is a comprehensive web based employee performance monitoring and appraisal application system. It is a very useful application to monitor the performance of new TBM (Territory Business Manager)...Read

  • EPRO

    E-PROcurement is an application, developed by SSIS India, which makes Capex and / or opex request approval transparent & faster, thus helps to save a lot of time of the management...Read

  • JEMS

    We have developed and deployed ERP for jewellery manufacturer. The modules cover designs, inventory management and Sales & Distribution management. In order to meet aggressive product development objectives and demand..