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We involve in BI Services since 2006 and providing BI Services to various corporates. We have dedicated team for the BI Services who are experts in connecting multiple databases, development of ETL packages, creating data-warehouse and data-marts, automation of ETL packages to gather the data from various sources. Depending on the requirement, our team can develop multi-dimension reports as well as dashboards which can drilled down. Our team already worked on various available BI tools and they are expert to presenting the data as per the management requirements.

Today every organization is having various applications implemented to serve their operations. All these applications are grown and stable since the implementation is started of these applications. There are many reports coming out from these application, still the business requirements are not getting fulfilled. With help of BI, you can convert this data in information. There are lot of differences in report and information.

Business Intelligence solution provide the answer for what happened, why did it happen, what will happen, how can we make it happen.

In today's business world, Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) is latest trends and plays great roll. With BI technologies, organizations are able to analyse all of their data quickly in order to PREDICT what's to come Companies can able to anticipate problems, industry changes or sales opportunities, giving them a big competitive.

Stages of Business Analytics:

Descriptive Analysis: These analytics typically answers the question What happened?. It entails analysing a data set and describing its features and characteristics. This is mainly used to describe and characterize past events.

Diagnostic Analysis: These analytics answer the question Why did that happen?. They focus on a known outcome and try to determine the factors and events that contributed to that event. Therefore, it is when something had already happened, for example the company lost a big customer, and they are looking to find out why this happened so that it doesn't happen again.

Predictive Analysis: This type of analytics is about What is likely to happen?. With help of historical data, prediction is arrived to predict what will happen if you make a change or keep things the way they are.

Prescriptive Analysis: It is about understanding what to do to maximize good outcomes and prevent bad ones from happening. Advanced BI technology is able to provide automated decisions, which are defined through the analytics process.

Most companies today are only using descriptive analytics. Without completion of descriptive analytics, it is not possible to do prescriptive or predictive analytics are truly gaining an advantage over their competitors.

A Business Intelligence Solution will help your organization to analysis data and it must be fully integrated within your existing inhouse applications. This will provide you various multi-dimensions reports and dashboards to gain real insights. As ERP application involves every individual of your organization, we recommend, the information to reach and to be made available to maximum users to get real advantages.

Methodology for Business Analytics:

  • Business requirements identification: Understand internal applications, data structure, management expectations
  • Data analysis: Check the data availability
  • Data architecture and modelling: Development of Data warehouse, DataMart’s
  • Data integration (ETL, ELT, data virtualization, etc): Extracting data to Data warehouse, DataMart’s, scheduling
  • Front-end development: Presenting data in required format, development of reports, dashboards
  • Testing and release management: Checking data integrity, data cleansing, go live.