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E-PROcurement is an application, developed by SSIS India, which makes Capex and / or opex request approval transparent & faster, thus helps to save a lot of time of the management. It helps you to create a transparent approval system in the organization.

In this application, creator creates the Capex / Opex request. Once the request is submitted, the request moves to their senior for the approval as per the hierarchy is defined in the application. In case senior has any query or need any clarification, he can raise the question which may be confidential or normal. The user to whom the question is raised,, he can give the explanation for the query. Approver has to keep the request on Hold, or need to approve or reject. There is a possibility that a some of the request can be procured without the top management approval depending on the sanction amount or the approver.

Approval functionality can be automated and customised. E.g. there will be forty eight hours' time given for every approval (except MD's approval) else it will move to the higher authority automatically. System will present a list of such requests that are not approved and went to the higher authority. In case HOD, CFO, MD has any queries; they can ask the same to someone who has approved the Capex request earlier.

Once senior approves it, the Capex moves to their senior Level, same process can be done as earlier. The privilege is that the highest authority can ask questions to all their juniors. The same process will be followed until the final approval comes in. Once approved by the management, Capex request moves to the Finance department for GL code and Asset No. entry and then finally goes to the Purchase department. Purchase Department creates the PO and the PO No. will be updated. Once the PO No. is assigned to the Capex Request, it treated as closed. With this application, it is required to develop email engine that will intimate respected the user for approval/rejection/review (queries) stage.

Moreover, every user can track his Capex request through the dashboard provided. Top management can also track and analyse the Capex for the given time. Therefore, they can come to a conclusion and find out the current trends with the help of dashboards provided in the Capex application. Capex request can be raised by selected users of the organization only.