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STARS - STatistical Analysis Reporting Solution

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STARS Software is a dynamic MIS tool, a one-roof solution to bridge the gap between BI and reporting tool's requirements of the clients. This solution provides customers with the best application available in the market which serves their reporting & Business Intelligence requirements together.

STARS Software is especially developed for managing and tracking every transaction in the regulated environments. Our high-performance, relational database program tracks and maintains accurate, real-time information. It is user-friendly as well as this tool is having mobility features. Using this tool, we can able to present your Daily Schedules, Job Summary, Inventory, Accounts and all other daily transactions. Records include Sales, graphs and many more features.

Similar to BI, we develop Data-warehouse and various Data-marts using ETL Package, it will be updated periodically similar to BI. Similar to any BI solution which provides connectivity between multiple database, SMART also having capability to generate reports from multiple databases.

We also build entire user hierarchy in this tool, which helps to maintain the data security and integrity. The application can be used from Top-to-Bottom and can be generated reports as well as Dashboards to entire organization at very competitive investments. Customer can get reports from multiple application, with multiple database and we build the bridge between these applications. The reports can be generated two dimensions as well as multiple dimensions. Dashboards will have capability of Drill-down, which helps end-users to get maximum and accurate information.

Any application is developed using OLTP technology, and having many reports. There is need to convert the data to information is the need of the management. (There is lot of difference between reports and information). OLAP technology help to convert data to information.

Major Features
  • Multiple Database - STARS support diverse database platforms and can pull data from multiple sources. This helps customers to convert data to information. This also helps to get most required and real picture of various information. By multiple database options popping out at an increasing rate, wide-ranging support makes sure that you are not restricted due to non-adaptability!
  • Real Time Data - STARS can deliver quick and timely real-time data, ensuring that a decision maker has the most current data. In today's competitive scenario accurate information helps to take wise decisions. Real time data ensures best decisions can be taken for organizational interest.
  • Mobile Support - As advancing technology, mobile apps becoming popular. STARS providing dashboards to access on smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as personal computers which extents ease of access to end users.
  • Operational Reporting - Using data-warehouse and various data-marts, Dashboards as well as Reports can be extended not only with specific data but can be extended with general and routine daily operational activities too. This also can be extended with what-if analysis, ad-hoc reporting etc.
  • Multiple Database - STARS also providing user management with hierarchy and role management modules which helps customers to providing specific information to users depending on his role. While creating reports it can be customised to present specific reports and information to specific users.
  • Real Time Data - STARS also allow administrator to define to provide the access of only specific business applications. This helps to provide only that information which is needed to their staff. This is useful and basic requirement of any organization for tightening internal security measures.
  • Mobile Support - STARS also having capability of one-time session authentication process. This helps user to avoid typing user ID and password every time, which also helps and stop leakage of password.
Security Features

Reports Types

  • Ad-hoc Report: These are the standard detailed reports which provide the information till transaction level, generally required for the operation staff. These reports can be exported to Excel or can be emailed to someone (only if the access it given to those users). These reports are generally two dimensions reports.
  • Multidimension Reports: These reports also known as Cube Reports. User are having facility to select the various fields which he wants to analyse. The user who are aware about Pivot Table, can get great help and can able to play with various fields and can able to view the data from various angles.
  • Dashboards: Data is presented in graphical format and multiple operational data is presented in one screen is known as Dashboard. These dashboards can be developed with various combinations with various type of charts on the same screen and also having drilled-down functionality.