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TPMAS - Training Performance Monitoring and Appraisal System

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TPMAS is a comprehensive web based employee performance monitoring and appraisal application system. It is a very useful application to monitor the performance of new TBM (Territory Business Manager) on regular basis right from their training to weekly/monthly assessment tests to recording their tests scores and transmitting the same to the HR, IT and Admin department with multi-level reviews/ recommendations from their ABM (Area Business Manager) which are further reviewed and confirmed by BM (Business Manager).

Key Benefits
  • Track New Recruitment - The TPMAS system helps to address the pain areas of the organization where many a times, the details of the staff who are joining the organisation or those who have left the organisation are not available with the headquarters. For example: In case where the TBMs who have left the organization keep getting the salary just because their absenteeism/ run away information is not transmitted by the zonal managers to the HR department at corporate office. This application also helps the departments to stay updated about the new recruit's active involvement in all activities and help the HR to get the information of their presence / absence within the organisation and thus save the unnecessary payouts to those who are not in the organisation anymore. TPMAS further helps to keep all the departments well informed with the employee information by directly syncing the application data with other applications used by the organization
  • Unlimited Users Login - With TPMAS the TAT at all departments to take action on the new recruits is less. For example: When the ABM submits the details of the new TBM on the TPMAS system, the details are automatically emailed to Admin department so that they can quickly arrange the required resources (medicine samples, brochures, visiting card etc.). The IT department can subsequently generate the employee code, email-id etc. The HR can immediately import the new recruit's details from TPMAS portal in their payroll system. The employee code is updated in the application system from the various ERP system, secondary sales system and other required systems used within organization and necessary for access to TBM.
  • Joining Proforma - With ITCOMS you can create user groups to ensure that the right people have access to the right information. Many of our clients choose to segregate access to information based on location, department or job position. For example, managers at the head office can view and analyse cases from all locations, but a service manager in different location office can only access issues for that location.
  • Comprehensive Customer History - The details of the new TBM are entered in the Joining Proforma in TPMAS by the respective ABM. These details will be emailed automatically on submission to the HR department (HR Manager & to ABM), Admin department & IT department. The Employee database is created from the joining proforma module, and the employee data is synched with the HR & ERP system / other systems OR it can be exported in CSV / Excel format to be imported manually into other systems
  • Online Training - The ABM / NTM (National Training Manager) conducts an ONLINE training in TPMAS portal for TBM (new recruits) till their probation period. The training schedule is emailed to individual recruits and ABM as well. The online training can be rescheduled, if not attended, and brought to the ABM notice. The TBM can attend the Online training from any location as the software is web based. The TBM must answer few questions related to that specific training session and the feedback on the questionnaire will be given by the ABM.
  • Online Test - The NTM (National Training Manager) conducts tests every month in TPMAS portal during probation period, an email for this test schedule goes to individual recruits and ABM as well. The tests can be rescheduled if not attended and brought to the ABM notice. The scores of the individual tests appears instantly on TPMAS portal at the end of each test. The ABMs can view the TBM wise test scores in the MIS reports which helps the ABM for performance evaluation of each TBMs under probation.
    The online test can be scheduled periodically and at the end of FINAL test (Fifth Month Test), the report card of TBM is shared with the HR department about the TBM/s progress which includes total number of doctor visits, medical shops visits and other details of secondary sales, targets Vs Achievements, attendance and behaviour. The TBM's confirmation from probation is decided based on the score card.
  • Appraisal Management - The appraisal process in TPMAS portal consists of the following parts of evaluation:
    • Step-in Evaluation: Step by step evaluation of TBMs right from joining till date.
    • Performance Evaluation: The performance of the individuals based on various HEADS (Tests, Attendance, targets Vs Achievement etc.). The final grade is given to the individuals based on their scores in each performance heads.
    • Review & Recommendations: The reviews and recommendations of each recruits are given on the portal by every Level Managers.
    • Selling Skill Assessment: The selling skills of new recruits are assessed by their managers based on their performance monitored through their DSR (Daily Sales Report).
  • Survey Management - A generic Survey pertaining to new products, new ideas, projects, etc. is conducted across organization in TPMAS portal, A subject specific to employee, divisions, role based survey is conducted by NTM and the results of the survey are automatically displayed at the end of the survey. The survey is useful for analysis purpose specific to the subject.

MIS Reports - The TPMAS system provides the following reports of the new TBMs:

  • Performance report.
  • Training & Test reports.
  • Absconding Employee reports.
  • Division wise reports.
  • Appraisal report.