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expressHR Services Ltd, UK :

expressHR is a leading provider of innovative VMS / AMS solutions for the Recruitment and HR Industries in UK. With our focus on service and delivering tangible benefit, our solutions offer them rapid deployment and return on investment.

Voyager Software, UK & Australia :

Voyager Software is a leader when it comes to providing innovative solutions for the Recruitment and HR Industries for SME. We are taking care of their on services & applications as well as Desk Top Application and delivering tangible benefits to end clients.

Recruitment Software International, UK :

RSI is a application provider for the Recruitment and HR Industries for offshore markets. The expertise is in offerings in various different languages including Japnese & Chinese scripts. RSI is also planning to provide the software in growing market like India.

Village Development Council, UK :

The Village Development Council London (VDC) was formed in 1979 under the patronage of the High Commissioner for India Mr. Nanasaheb Gore. VDC is a registered charity and funds are raised by VDC members and volunteers and have been deployed to finance village-based projects. VDC is proud of the range of projects funded over the past 25 years, nevertheless, a lot more needs to be done. We are contributing to this noble cause & maintaining the web site & web application for VDC.

Apart from these main clients, we have also done many projects for companies in various countries like USA & UK etc...

  • Racetrack Inc, USA
  • Make Ideas Reality, USA
  • Family Tree website, UK
  • Munshi Traders, India
  • Authentiva, USA