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Helpdesk & Technical support

Many enterprises need someone to take care of Technical Support. There are many small queries which are faced by operation staff, someone need to address them quickly and provide the provide support. It also includes co-ordination between various departments or third parties. To address this problem, we are providing technical support team.

We also develop an application to managing all tasks. The application is known as ITCOMS (Issue Tracking and Complaints Management Solution). This application can be used to track software bugs, hardware defects, test cases, co-ordination between various departments.

When user encounter problems, helpdesk team log the same and assign to respected team / department. Some of the tickets also can be resolved by this team itself by providing training of application to achieve the expectations.

The issues are tackled on Priority Ticket basis depending on their gravity across three levels. The system also helps manage customer feedbacks, incidents, requests, and issues. As a result, it increases productivity, improves the quality of products, and increases customer satisfactions. Our system spots an issue even before it occurs and generates emails, which notify all users of when actions are required or complete. This includes automatic built-in email service triggers that are fired on creation of an issue, its updates and closing by the concerned person.