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Industries Served

Pharmaceutical and Health Care:

Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industry is very important for day-to-day life. We develop application to maintain their Sales Force and application to maintain their progress report. We also serve this industry to manage their secondary sales for the pharma industry. We are specialist in managing the primary sales as well as secondary sales data and produce customised reports and dashboards for the same.

Banking & Finance:

We serve couple of customers who are in Finance domain. We provided BI Solution for them and help them to improvement for their process to motivating their internal staff. The solution is providing the progress of their customers which gives more transparency to every staff members, who can able to guide their customers for investments.

Information Technology:

We are providing the resources for software development, software testing and software outsourcing as well as implementation of applications to these companies and their clients. We also help them for development of various solutions like shopping cart, payment gateway integration as well as ticketing system which will help for project management.

Jewellery Manufacture:

We provided B2B Shopping Cart for one of the Jewellery Manufacture. We provided online shopping cart solution for jewellery manufacturers. This is purely B2B solution. Also we developed application which can help to maintaining stock as well as maintaining entire manufacturing process including preparing job-card till the finish product gets ready.


We are specialists in application development for HR domain. The industry is currently experiencing major transformation as organisations around the world are becoming increasingly sensitive to employee needs as well as looking to optimise their performance.

Through our major clients like Woodcote Software, Recruitment Software International, expressHR Services Ltd. and Voyager Software, we cater to the HR industry in the European and Australian markets. We have consistently delivered quality software and efficient service with reduced costs and time to this highly demanding industry.