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The Management

SSISTM Management is a team of technology and talent savvy professionals with more than 25 years of IT experience, giving direction to SSISTM as an organisation in today's dynamic, economic and constantly changing business environment. The board consists of directors including active founders, supported by external advisors who are global leaders and high achievers in business and society.

The Management Team knows what it takes to develop the quality products and services to achieve dependable business relationships required by clients. Years of pioneering experience in diverse business verticals like construction, engineering, manufacturing and telecomm environments have given the Management Team a comprehensive vision as well as an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of clients. Like all employees, the management consider themselves as an integral part of each customer's long-term success.

The entire management team brings with them decades of diverse experience and a history of success to form a successful venture. Combining business acumen with technical understanding, these executives guide more than 75 talented employees to create ground-breaking products and solutions for customers around the world.