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Offshore Development

Since we established, we are providing the Offshore development services to various organizations. We create dedicated team for every customer and no team members disclose any information out of the team. The team is very much trained and they understand importance of Intelligence Property and security. We don't outsource any task to third party directly or indirectly.

The Offshore Development Centre (ODC) is becoming popular business model to lower operating expenses and raise productivity levels by leveraging talent offshore. We are excel in delivering services to a wide range of businesses using the Offshore Development Centre model. We provide with the efficient staff with great communications skills, technical background and a problem-solving client-oriented outlook. As Offshore Development company we get involve in product design and architecture, database design, coding, testing and lastly go LIVE and maintaining (providing service even after development phase is completed).

An Offshore Development Centre is a remote counterpart to in-house IT personnel. Imagine it as a virtual department, a dedicated team of software developers situated beyond the doors of your business, though never out of touch. Engaging an offshore software development company allows you to better focus on your core value competencies and dramatically increase your agility while embracing the expertise of SSIS® offshore development team.

The Offshore Development Centre model is proven as a highly effective tool that gives you greater visibility and predictability throughout your development process.

We understand Outsourcing means service taken from Distance Locations. This create problem of time difference; custom difference and we always try to accommodate our customer. We become more flexible to serve our client more efficiently. Today, client can contact team members, project managers using various available technologies to get update about the project. Following are the Key Benefits of Outsourcing

Reduce Costs in Salaries and Infrastructure:

For development of any application, we need various technology experts. It is not always possible to maintaining such skills employees to hire and put him on board full time. When you outsource project, many such staff members are shared and can help to reduce the cost. For such employees, you also do not have to invest various equipment also you do not have to make arrangement for him to accommodate in your organization.

In case you are outsourcing the project to some other countries, many times, for same level of qualified professionals, there may be significant differences in the overall salaries paid

Ease Recruiting by Delegating and Expanding the Search Across the Globe:

Due to increase of demand of IT Professionals, recruiting and staffing is becoming more difficult. When you outsourcing, you do not have to worry about the getting another qualified person with the same experience to development and maintaining your software.

You Get Innovation and Quality:

As per your requirement, you get more qualifies professionals with high standards. To build your own team, you also have to invest to such professionals who can help you to building the team. Also you end-up with managing and maintaining the team too. You have to invest in training, as well as retention of team members. For offshore development, offshore development company has their own way to maintaining of these staff and they take care of training, motivation etc.

Time Zone Differences Working with People Overseas:

If your Offshore Development Centre have a four to six hours' time difference, it will allows you overlapping and some work hours outside your local time. You can tackle several issues that have arisen at the end of your business day and work on them outside of your business hours. In case of internal team, your internal team have to work late hours / after your business hours. There are many tasks which cannot be executed in business hours even thou your internal IT team is strong and having grate experience. Those tasks you can able to get completed from the ODC.

You Can Focus on Your Business:

Many times, internal IT team is expert in only managing internal team and they don't get exposure of the new technology due to time and priority constraints. Also, you can concentrate more on your own business instead of spending your valuable time to resolving day-to-day technology issues. Many times, you come up of requirement for the couple of additional resources for very short period. When you have ODC, generally, this is taken care by ODC.

Shared Responsibility:

While making contract with ODC, responsibilities are clearly decided and agreed by both parties. Usually software development is underestimated by most of the non-IT companies. Managing and maintaining of the software applications, database, servers, operating system, networking and there are lot many issues are need to be addressed. In case you are not a IT company, many of these issues are overlooked and not considered while development as well as implementation of any application. This is also one of the major factor for implementation get unsuccessful.

No New Infrastructure Required:

One of the major advantage of hiring an offshore software development company is, you do not have to worry about arrangement of infrastructure. Project can be start more quickly and you do not have to worry about the infrastructure availability.

Auto-Scaling the IT Team:

You may not be required some of the resources all time and may need for certain period. Depending on your requirement, you can add-up / reduce the team as and when required with very short time of notice. Generally this is not possible when you are working in-house IT team and this is not a simple task to any non-IT business.