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The Team

We have Development Centre in Mumbai and we have onsite support in domestic as well as international locations. We have domain specialists and technology specialists. We work on multiple technologies and platforms.

Our team offers efficient, effective, extensive and elegant professional services, software development and support using all the benefits derived from latest technology. The team drives the entire project life-cycle activities to ensure that the clients are fully satisfied. Every team member understands importance of security as well as domain knowledge. SSIS® always consider right person at right job and SSIS® mould their staff members by providing very extensive training time to time. SSIS® also put efforts for knowledge upgrade, technology upgrade continuously.

  • The Management

    SSIS® Management is a team of technology and talent savvy professionals with more than 25 years of IT experience, giving direction to SSIS® as an organisation in today's dynamic, economic and constantly changing business environment. The board consists of directors including active founders, supported by external advisors who are global leaders and high achievers in business and society.

    The Management Team knows what it takes to develop the quality products and services to achieve dependable business relationships required by clients. Years of pioneering experience in diverse business verticals like construction, engineering, manufacturing, sales & distribution, banking as well as telecom environments have given the Management Team a comprehensive vision as well as an end-to-end understanding of the strategic business needs of clients. Like all employees, the management consider themselves as an integral part of each customer's long-term success.

    The entire management team brings with them decades of diverse experience and a history of success to form a successful venture. Combining business acumen with technical understanding, these executives guide more than 50 talented employees to create ground-breaking products and solutions for customers around the world.

  • Lifestyle

    We know where we are and where we want to be. To help us achieve our goals, we are always on the lookout for motivated, sincere and 'Intelligent-Working' individuals who believe in "owning the job" and ultimately contribute to the company's success, not to mention also reap-in the rewards.

    We realise the importance of job evaluation, job descriptions and effective HR policies. We offer an amicable work environment that is as intellectually stimulating as it is challenging and a share in the company's progress and wealth. Conductive to learning and further enhancing the skill set, our satisfied clientele stand testimony to the fact that we have the best available talent in the industry and know how to keep them.

    We have an Open Door policy with less hierarchy, enabling every employee with faster decision-making capabilities. An empowered and enlightened employee will power our growth faster and more effectively, we believe. We provide maximum freedom to every employees for their growth. We get involved them while making decisions and practically tech them about delegation of authority and power of decision making.

    Family get-together, picnics and most of the festivals & social events are celebrated by us with all fanfare. We take pride in saying that our team is truly represented by members from all parts of the country. Our clients also participate whole-heartedly with us in many events.

  • Training

    SSIS® as an organisation, offers continuous learning through mentorship that promotes excellence and innovation. We are committed to offer our employees, professional as well as personal development through technology advancement and a host of ongoing training options.

    Weekly training and presentations help employees keep updated on latest technological breakthroughs and equip them with thorough knowledge of product / services advancements offered by the company to the clients. The weekly programs also include soft skills.

    We conduct induction training programs for new recruits. These programs are based on specific requirements, the platforms that they are expected to work on, the level of the participation required, etc.

    We also conduct periodic workshops involving the entire team. Where everyone not only get opportunity to interact with other colleagues but with the entire management team including the directors of the company.

    Apart from in-house training & workshops, SSIS® also nominates employees to participate in calendar programs organised by their training partners as well as reputed institutes. Teams also get opportunities in getting formal training & knowledge transfer sessions from partners like Microsoft.

  • Our Infrastructure

    Our Development Centre in Mumbai has a very robust IT infrastructure including multiple Internet Connectivity, firewall, best quality hardware & desktops and a small Data Centre to house the in-house servers.

    We have also teamed up with couple of the leading ISP where we have hosted our server that is used by our clients to sign-off the projects & also we have hosted few client sites.

  • Social Responsibility

    We as an organization understand that we have to contribute towards development of our society. We have joined hands with a one of the Welfare Association who helps to economical backword class.

    We are also participating in many fund-raising charity programs. We as an organization understand that we have to contribute towards development of our society. We provided required software for couple of organizations who are involved in CSR Activities at very nominal rates. Also, we are providing help and services to such programs and activities. We are also maintaining the site for the charity.