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SSISTM as an organisation, offers continuous learning through mentorship that promotes excellence and innovation. We are committed to offer our employees, professional as well as personal development through technology advancement and a host of ongoing training options.

Weekly training and presentations help employees keep updated on latest technological breakthroughs and equip them with thorough knowledge of product / services advancements offered by the company to the clients. The weekly programs also include soft skills.

We conduct induction training programs for new recruits. The program are based on specific requirements, the platforms that they are expected to work on, the level of the participation required, etc.

We also conduct periodic workshops involving the entire team. Where everyone not only get opportunity to interact with other colleagues but with the entire management team including the directors of the company.

Apart from in-house training & workshops, SSISTM also nominates employees to participate in calendar programs organised by their training partners as well as reputed institutes. Teams also get opportunities in getting formal training & knowledge transfer sessions from partners like Microsoft, MAIA etc.